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pre post natal pilates

Post natal reformer pilates London

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Post natal reformer pilates London

Just as it is important for your body to weaken, stretch and lengthen in order to support your baby during pregnancy, it is a great desire by most to strengthen, tighten and shorten it afterwards. The recommendations given by midwifes and other professionals is to allow 6 weeks post birth for your body to recover. These 6 weeks are essential in the healing process. That being said, there is a possibility of practising immediate and tailored pelvic floor exercises with us, straight after the birth. Strengthening these lower tummy muscles will ultimately depend on your current fitness level.

It is advisable to seek professional, one on one support and advice in order for your body to regain fantastic strength and shape after the birth, safely. Reformer Pilates 2 U will come to your home in London, talk to you about your exercise history, your pregnancy, your condition and your goals and devise a routine specific to your needs to ensure that you have the best possible chance of rehabilitation and in being a strong and healthy mother to your newborn.

Let us take the stress that comes with travelling across a busy city with a delicate newborn away whilst aiding you in your recovery process. We promise that you will have your confidence back in no time and all in the comfort of your own home!

Once we have devised your exercise plan together with you, we will:

  • Stengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  • Rebuild your core abdominal muscles
  • Create support for your spine
  • Correct bad posture
  • Boost your self esteem and confidence
  • Increase energy levels
  • Get your pre baby body back safely!

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Pilates London

Achieve your dream body – Pilates London

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Achieve A Dream Body And Sound Mind – Pilates London

Here at Reformer Pilates 2 U, we believe in eating breakfast, lunch and dinner to get us through our day, everyday!   It goes without saying that we all have busy lives to lead.   The stresses and emotions which run wild daily among London commuters and the rest of the nation, all the responsibilities and goals which we thrive to achieve in our personal lives can often cause us to skip meals   both conscientiously and not.   These meals are what give us the nutrition and energy we need to be successful at what we are doing and unfortunately, our bodies do not run on air and water.   Besides, food should be celebrated and enjoyed, not ignored or wasted.

You might think that skipping any of your vital 3 meals a day is a sure way to save time or keep trim but you would be wrong.

By skipping a meal you are putting on weight because the body starts to store fat as a reserve and also when you do eventually eat, you eat more that you would normally because you are so hungry.   Moreover, you are starving your brain of energy.   Have you ever felt unable to concentrate after skipping lunch because you had ‘too much to do’?   In the long run, you will end up   with a less successful outcome than you anticipated.   All in all, missing meals will wreak havoc on your life.

And yes! We have all heard the line ‘ oh well I take supplements’ but it has been scientifically proven that the pill popping you think is providing you with the vitamins and nutrients you need to keep your body working and away from disease and ill health conditions is doing the exact opposite.   After all the word supplement means ‘addition’ or ‘extra’ not ‘replacement’.

The great thing about Reformer Pilates 2 U is that we come to your home with the Reformer.   We travel to various areas around London to make your life easier whilst helping you to maintain a fit and healthy body.   Amazing or what?   So, you don’t need to worry about time, rushing to get an unfulfilling, expensive or carb heavy sandwich and you don’t need to skip your lunch or dinner because you need to get to the gym for a quick workout neither.

Pilates London

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Costa Rica Pilates Holidays

Costa Rica Pilates Holidays

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Costa Rica Pilates Holidays

Welcome to Costa Rica pilates holidays.

This winter we want to take you away somewhere warm and exotic. After a long research online we came up with Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has a lot to offer, from rain forests to amazing beaches. Waterfalls, bird watching, hiking, surfing, scuba diving. Beautiful hotels, villas and the list goes on.

After more research we chose a place that has it all too. A beautiful villa in the rainforest with amazing views of the Pacific ocean but yet a 10min drive from the nearest beach. Hiking to waterfalls from the villa. A chance to learn surfing and a snorkeling day trip to experience the underwater life of Costa Rica.

Join us this Thanks Giving 25th November – 2nd December for a week of pilates, hiking, surfing and much more.
With freshly cooked food everyday from our privet chef and 2+ hours of pilates and fitness activities and will not want to go back home.

Costa Rica Pilates holidays is now open for bookings.

For more information and to reserve your place click here.

Costa Rica Pilates Holiday 2015

Warm wishes Pilates plus retreats

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Pilates Retreats Costa Rica

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Pilates Retreats Costa Rica are no longer a dream

Costa Rica extends majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and its distance is barely 200 miles. Its land portion occupies only 20 thousand square miles.
If you travel throughout the provinces of Costa Rica, it’s easy to notice that in no other place you shall find fields with so many variations in their landscape and climate as here.
Costa Rica is one of most highly valued tourist destinations in this planet. This small piece of land includes all of the necessary components to satisfy the taste of thousands of travelers visiting each year.
There is a place in Costa Rica where the exuberance of natural wildlife and visitors become one and where the water is a giant mirror reflecting the lush foliage all around. Surrounded by a system of natural canals and lagoons running from southeast to northeast, Tortuguero National Park, located in the Northern Caribbean side, is without any doubt our little Amazonas. It is also one of the most important places in the world for the protection of the green turtle and home of other incredible species such as the manatee, the American crocodile and the Gaspar fish, which is considered a living fossil.

The Uvita tombolo or sandy bridge that connects the mainland with a rocky islet, near Dominical Beach, in the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica, looks like a perfect whale´s tail in low tide. But more interesting is the fact that the place and surroundings are one of the best spots to watch humpback whales coming from North and South America. (which is the location of our Pilates holidays Costa Rica )

Costa Rica it is one of the best places in the world to surf; not by chance the country is the third most popular destination for this sport after Hawaii and Indonesia. The reasons are simple: beaches with excellent year-round waves, pleasant weather, warm water, friendly people and reasonable prices. This is why we are taking you for surfing lessons as it’s a must try in Costa Rica.

Pilates retreats Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience

For more information about our pilates retreats Costa Rica click here

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Hello world! Pilates plus Retreats

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Welcome to Pilates Plus Retreats

Hello to everyone and welcome to my new website. Pilates plus retreats is part of Reformer Pilates 2u site so don’t be alarmed if you see a new page open when you press book now or if you get redirected to our other site.

We are working together to reach people from all over the world.

My passion for pilates and travel brought me to the creation of Pilates retreats in Europe. As the business is growing and the world is beautiful I thought it’s time to discover other parts of the world and make other peoples dreams a reality by arranging invigorating, refreshing  5* pilates holidays all around the world always following the sun and warm weather.

Pilates plus retreats is here to make your holidays and life easy, keeping you fit along the way and taking you to exotic locations all around the glob.

For more information about my pilates retreats click here