Pilates and Sunday brunch

I am teaming up with Flaming Flamingo for a Sunday brunch. Starting with an hour matt pilates before a plant powered vegan feast, created by Kali, in her usual style. Big fresh flavours and lots of fun.

Your day will start with an hour long pilates session with me ( Gina Papadopoulos ).
I have been teaching pilates for over 9 years, most of yopu know me from the popular Tempo pilates where I’m one of their lead trainers and been part of the team almost since the beginning. My passion for helping people get fit and feel good has always been my number one priority. You will learn how to activate and work your core muscles. Loosen up your spine and back muscles leaving you feeling like a new person and ready for lunch.
Following the class you’ll be treated to the delights of a healthy but delicious Flaming Flamingo feast! The menu will be the usual style, exciting, fresh flavours inspired by Kali’s travels. Starting with a green mimosa and snacks, before sitting down to a multi course meal and a friendly atmosphere to round off your weekend nicely.
To find out more about Kali’s cooking visit her website
The below offer is valid until Sunday 7th of June.
 Normal price for one ticket

Pilates & Sunday brunch

Sunday 11th of June 2017

The event starts 12pm with one hour of mat pilates followed by a very nutritious and delicious vegan lunch at 1:10pm.

Please arrive 10 to 15min before the session to get ready.
We will provide the mats for you.
100 De Beauvoir Rd,
Unit 5
London N1 4EN