Hello world! Pilates plus Retreats

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Hello world! Pilates plus Retreats

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Welcome to Pilates Plus Retreats

Hello to everyone and welcome to my new website. Pilates plus retreats is part of Reformer Pilates 2u site so don’t be alarmed if you see a new page open when you press book now or if you get redirected to our other site.

We are working together to reach people from all over the world.

My passion for pilates and travel brought me to the creation of Pilates retreats in Europe. As the business is growing and the world is beautiful I thought it’s time to discover other parts of the world and make other peoples dreams a reality by arranging invigorating, refreshing  5* pilates holidays all around the world always following the sun and warm weather.

Pilates plus retreats is here to make your holidays and life easy, keeping you fit along the way and taking you to exotic locations all around the glob.

For more information about my pilates retreats click here